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Selkirk, Ontario, Canada
Chamber of Commerce

More Than a Town

There is a lot more to Selkirk than the intersection of Regional Roads #3 and #53. This little town has assets not only within the hamlet's boundaries, but for miles around. At first glance, Selkirk might appear to be small, but when everything is accounted for, the small hamlet encompasses much more than meets the eye. These assets extend far past the four corners and in turn create a community that has much to offer.

The Selkirk Chamber of Commerce

Like that of most towns or cities Selkirk has a Chamber of Commerce. This group is an essential asset to the community because with their devotion, organization, and future outlook for the community, improvements are possible. Also because of the Chamber of Commerce's insight for future plans, a stable community with a positive future is more possible.

2017 Membership
Chamber of Commerce

Other Community Efforts

Selkirk Planter Sponsors

Selkirk is also a proud partner of the
Hadlimand County Community Beautification Program

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